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baby leg warmers. so cute! and good size for the stocking. :D


I know nothing about adoption and attachment, but when my kids were toddlers, we let them have their parental preferences. If they screamed to be back in someone else's arms, when that person was right there and available, we bowed to their wishes. Because it seemed counter-productive to do otherwise, what with the screaming and all.

It totally hurts your feelings like your heart is being ripped out to be the non-wanted parent.

Then the baby wants you, and all is pretty flowers and butterflies again.

Only with poop, because yeah, the poop is really something.

We always bought two or three gifts, but ended up stashing at least one because the Grandparents. Would Not Be Denied.


My 17 month old daughter is getting a Bilibo, toy kitchen (the smaller one from step 2) and Melissa and Doug wooden food stuff, particularly the sushi set and some of the other odd things. She has two older brothers who will play kitchen and food with her and the Bilibo is because she has tons of energy and needs to release tons of energy before any kind of sleep happens.


Hi Karen!
Our daughter Kelsey is almost 17 months old and I admit going hugely overboard this year...can't help it, we've been axiously waiting for her for a very long time!

She's about to become the proud owner of:
Radio flyer wagon (2 seater)
Bounce n spin zebra
mega bloks dump truck
v smile computer system
a bean bag chair with her name on it
various little people sets (she loves the house already!)
I also bought for her and gave to her already:
TMX Elmo
Giggling Elmo chair (she pointed to it at TG and oohed and ahhed...what's a new Mommy to do? :)
A few Elmo videos
A few board books
i don't consider clothes gifts yet from us...they're necessities!
Take care!


I have to agree with those that don't give their kids much, if anything. You'll find she'll get plenty of gifts from family and friends. Less is more (in the long run).


Maya sounds like she's doing great. I love that she walks J!

So far, we are giving our 22 month-old half an American Girl doll (that she isn't allowed to play with until she's 8), and some Korean alphabet refrigerator magnets.

We may also look for:
animals, especially jungle animals
vehicles of all kinds
books of all kinds
stroller or shopping cart for her doll
mini kitchen stuff ('cuz she likes to imitate daddy cooking)


When my son was in the two year range, I went hogwild....and regretted it. First and foremost, the most important thing is that you control the order in which she opens presents. If the first thing she opens is something really great (as in anything that's not socks, and that might be questionable) you will NOT get her to open anything else. No matter how you plead, how you promise her the other boxes have really great things in them too. No matter what you do, she will want to immediately play with her new goody and you'll end up opening everything else. And yes, she'll play in the boxes.......actually, that's a great gift. Get something in a big box, or even wrap a big box that she can put her other toys (and herself) in.

As far as actual gift ideas: Wiggles DVDs (you will grow to love them, I promise, and now they're collectors items since the yellow Wiggle retired), blocks (plastic.....wood blocks hurt when thrown at you), some sort of easy building set (large Lego-like blocks.....they can spend hours trying to pull them apart), kitchen set (she can imitate you when you are in the kitchen) and last but not least, a baby doll (something soft).


The toys that have been used the most at our house regardless of age and sex are the toy kitchen with toy food and dress up clothes. Maya may be a little young for dress up clothes, but next year watch out for the Disney Store's after Halloween sale - it's a good time to stock up and they seem to last the longest. Also, if you have a Costco nearby, they have a great retro pink kitchen set (a la Pottery Barn), a cool shopping cart (may be a hazard if Maya is a climber) and some great play food. Costco also has the Around the World Dora play set that includes Dora dressed in Chinese clothing. Have fun this holiday!


We tend to go light on Christmas presents. I've found that if the kids get more than 3-4 gifts, then they are overwhelmed and don't appreciate them b/c they get lost in the shuffle. My older boys are getting a Thomas train table plus a couple little Thomas things (a train, a crane, etc). Jonas (12 mos) I think is getting a Fisher Price piano thingie. I don't think one year olds will really "get" gifts yet, so 1-3 things is plenty.

Most importantly, I don't want my kids to focus only on the gifts and miss what Christmas actually is -- both the religious aspect, and the being with family aspect.

BTW, I went to a coffee get-together and several people told me what a cute little *girl* Jonas is. He was wearing a navy blue outfit with little footballs on it. @@


21 month old Samantha is getting a whole load of Melissa & Doug wooden food. It's sooo cool.. you can "slice" the veggies with the wooden knife and the "slices" velcro together to form an entire cucumber or whatever. Google "Melissa & Doug food" if you're interested!


Fisher Price Learning Home

Playskool busy ball popper

books, books, books


p.s. the above is what she got at 18 months,(last year).


First, I just discovered and LOVE your blog!!! Second, you are right on track for gifts! I have a 17 month old and we've bought her 3 books (for my sanity!), a couple of dolls (Dora & a snuggle beans CPK), a speak & play, a sing & spin Pablo from Backyardigans. There are soooo many gifts coming from everyone else, there wasn't a need for us to go overboard!


My 16 month old is getting a shiny new ball from us. That's it. With my sister and grandma getting her stuff and her prefering boxes and wrapping paper, we just decided that we would be buying it for ourselves rather than her...maybe next year!

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