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January 01, 2009


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Ahhh. Happy New Year to you and your girls and the singing dude.


Can I just say that I am utterly amazed every time you post a picture of MP? That child is striking - way beyond beautiful. I pity Random when she is a teenager.

And Chloe - what a beautiful smile. Her eyes just light up her whole face.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are lovely.


Ditto that other Amy--MP is absolutely gorgeous.


BEAUTIFUL girls. How can you ever stop looking at them?


I agree with Amy - MP is absolutely stunning. (You are too Chloe - but still a baby). That MP....she's just BEAUTIFUL.


Such beautiful daughters. They will have so much fun with each other as they get older.

Being a mother is the best thing in the world. I absolutely love observing my children discovering the world around them. It is the most precious and adorable thing.


I agree with everyone. When I see a picture of MP - I just think "WOW she is a stunningly beautiful child" I remember her referral and baby pictures and I always thought that she was cute, but has she ever turned into a beauty.
Cloe is still a baby and has that baby cuteness going on.
You are a lucky momma!!!

Amber Kelps

Hello everyone...looking forward to using this site!

Jeff King

Hold on to those beautiful pictures and precious moments for time will be gone before you know it.

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