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June 05, 2008


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I had a very similar situation. At the end of my pregnancy, my bp was up. Not sky high, but not 'make the doctor's comfy' either. They put me on modified bed rest, and then a few days later, pretty much full bed rest. Then, on like the 3rd day of blood pressure checking, my doctor looked at me and said she was uncomfortable just "waiting for you to get sick", she told me she wanted to induce.

Having read Julie's entire blog, I was "uncomfortable" with that as well. I opted for an induction. Of 3 of my friends that were induced, I was the only one that went vaginally...I don't know what to tell you about THAT.

Things went pretty swimmingly as far as inductions go. They started the pitocin at some god awful time in the morning - and 14 hours later I had a baby. I opted for non-crunch, full on epi.

So I'm an example of a pretty ok experience. I could have done without the hemmerhoid, but I'll survive.

Good luck!


I was induced for IUGR after 13 weeks of bedrest for PTL. The induction was not too bad. I ate, I slept, I got pestered by bitch nurses, the contractions were totally fine. Of course, the contractions were totally fine because they weren't DOING anything, and after 36 hours of mag and confinement to bed because of preeclampsia and a complete failure to progress, I done had me a c-section.

Looking back, I don't know if I would have skipped the 36 hours of pointless labor if I'd known in advance how it would turn out. At least there were popsicles.


I was induced at 41 weeks. I went in with my cervix shut time. And the ol' cervix never did dilate, not even after six hours of labor, so I had an emergency c-sec when baby went into distress. He's fine, I'm fine, everything is fine. By the time they called for a c-sec I was ready to just get it over with. Turned out the kid's head was tilted sideways and there was no way he could drop far enough down to dilate the cervix. At least, that was how I understood it. So my experience is probably the exception rather than the norm.

Go with the flow. Even an emergency c-sec is not the worst thing in the world if it results in a healthy baby and healthy mom. But I do hope you have an easier time of it than I did!


duh, that should say "cervix shut tight ..."

bumblefingers over here.


after three labors -- one induced vaginal delivery with an epi, one totally natural full labor resulting in a c-section after three hours of "ineffective" pushing, one spontaneous vaginal with no drugs -- i am seriously considering (should i get the choice) a VBAC with an epi for my fourth and final go-round. being induced is not the worst thing in the world, but *do it with drugs* if you can. i have heard nurses say "contractions are contractions -- it's not like some hurt and some don't" -- and my experience with actual labor is that they're right. (of course, there are those other contractions some women have in early labor that they can't feel. sheesh.) induced contractions aren't worse, in my experience, than non-induced ones. it's just that your body hasn't had the time to produce the much-needed endorphins to get you through the pain. so get the synthetic endorphins instead.

and when it comes down to it, just get the baby here with everybody safe and healthy. i mean, you didn't really plan this pregnancy, did you? so what gives with trying to plan your labor? :)


I was induced the day after I was due. My blood pressure had been up for the past few weeks and I was dilated and the doctor recommended an induction. I mentioned that I was concerned because I knew it might increase my chances of a c-section. The nurse pointed out to me that if my blood pressure got out of control could end up with additional complications and an emergency c-section. I told them I would go home and pack.

I was probably in early labor and the pitocin just kicked the labor into gear. I got an epidural at 7cm, they broke my water and an hour and a half later my son was born.

I had read a lot about induction before I had one and I was very nervous about it so I realize how lucky I was to have the experience I did.

Good luck - I hope you, Random and Maya are cuddling with Rocky soon.


I was induced 10 days early with baby number 1 (due to his potential size). It went great - painfree epidural and all! He ended up being 8 pounds 9 ounces.

Oddly enough, I had a c-section with number 2 - she was breech!


I had an induction at 41.5 weeks, went into labor, turned down all medication right until I was fully dilated and pushing, then major fetal distress led to an emergency c-section. They gave me the epidural right before they wheeled me into the OR. It sucked. We're all fine, but the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck and strangling him so it's a good thing we were in a hospital.

If I had known more about the odds of c-section after induction (I knew they were higher but not how much higher) I would have gotten the epidural the minute I walked into the hospital, even though I really, really wanted the crunchy birth. The panic in the OR while we were waiting for it to kick in was extremely bad. Also I felt incredibly stupid. I hope you have better luck.


My best friend was induced at 41 and a half weeks.
They started with Cervidil up her hoo hoo at about 4 PM. Her water broke at about 11 PM but she still hadn't dilated at all. They started Pitocin at 5 AM and I would say major contractions started at about 9 AM. Things went pretty fast from there - she got checked the first time and was at six centimeters, twenty minutes later she felt like had to push and she was at eight centimeters, ten minutes later she REALLY felt like she had to push and was at ten and good to go. I think the baby was born at about 6 PM. She did not have an epidural but she had two doses of some narcotic at about six centimeters which seemed to help a bit.
She pushed for about half an hour maybe?
Good luck! You're going to do great.
I just now refound your blog after reading you at Naked Ovary for years and I am so happy you are back - and so happy you are about have baby number two. Congratulations!


I was induced. I did not have an epidural, and the baby was out 30 minutes after they broke my water, about 2 hours after they started the induction.


I was induced, and it wasn't the most pleasant experience, but it wasn't horrible either. Get ya some pain meds as soon as ya can, and try to relax. Plus keep in mind that a c-section isn't the end of the world. Yeah it may not be your first choice, but it is still the birth of your child and a reason to celebrate!

I was all for natural even home birth with my IVF baby Max and ended up with a c-section and it was just fine. Max was healthy, I was healthy and we were just so friggin' happy to finally meet our son that it just didn't matter in the end how he came out.

Enjoy your baby's birth as much as you can, no matter how it happens.



Well, the truth here is that I was induced, and wanting to be crunchy, refused meds. After 12 hours of the pit as high as it could go, I gave in and asked for the epi. 3 hours later I had an emergency c-section due to low O2. My recovery was horrible. Infection, pain, grossness.

This last time I did not want c-section so chose the home birth route. I had an amazing midwife. I went into labor at 4:00am and oh god, it hurt, but was an amazing experience. At 8:30 pm, she was not happy with my progression. I wasn't progressing. We headed to the hospital for another section.

This time my recovery was awesome. I was showering and bending over to low my hair dry the next day. I was out and about easily a week later.

Induction doesn't have to suck. It could, but it doesn't have to. C-sections can suck and they can be ok. I think it's really hit or miss.


I've had 3 inductions, and 3 fairly uneventful vaginal deliveries. Let your OB know your concerns. With your concerns and your BP the way it is, I'm sure your doc can do a slow gentle induction. It can be quite wonderful. Sometimes, they just give you a little push and your body will take off on its own. Other times, we need a little more assistance. Either way, it can be wonderful. Keep focused on the end product! Best wishes.


I have chronic hypertension, and was medicated through my whole pregnancy. The last month, it crept up slowly, never to crazy high numbers, but enough to make everyone a little wary by the end. Like you, I was really hoping to be able to go all natural. We had a doula, I was really going to try to avoid medical intervention, although in retrospect I probably should have known it was unlikely. Or, less likely.
My biggest fear was a c-section. I obsessed about it for a lot of the pregnancy. After the baby spectacularly failed the non-stress test, and biophysical profile (I think that's what that special ultrasound is called?) on my due date, I was admitted to the hospital for an induction. She's my only baby, so I don't have another labor to compare it to, but contractions started fast and furious pretty shortly after starting the pitocin, and I found myself sitting on the floor of the hospital room, on the phone with my doctor, telling him I had seriously re-evaluated my stance on pain medication. After the epidural I slept until I was fully dilated. Pushed for three hours, had an episiotemy (ouch), and out came my 8 lb 2 oz baby girl.
My doctor knew I felt really, really strongly about avoiding a c-section, and I truly believe another doctor would have given me one at some point during those three hours of pushing. The nurses were nervous about it, and it was fairly obvious one of them was questioning his judgement towards the end. Having a doula was a huge help, even on the pain meds. She kept me focused, and kept my husband calm as well.
I definitely didn't have the experience I was striving for, but honestly in the end what mattered was that my girl and I came out of it healthy. I know that in my case, I was so nervous about the process of giving birth that I lost sight of the end goal to a certain degree, and gave in to a lot of fear. Ultimately, the worst of it (whatever that may be) will probably be over in a day, and then you'll be holding Rocky in your arms and the post-childbirth amnesia will start working it's magic. Hang in there- you're doing great, and you're almost done!


I was sorta induced...actually, this may not be an induction at all but it involves Pitocin so I'll tell you my story anyway. My water broke at 38 weeks and I spent 15 hours with no dilation. I was stuck at 3 and I'd been a 2 at my last OB appointment a few days before. So they started the Pitocin and it only took 3 hours to get to 10. It was painful but my epidural had worn off at that point and the anesthesiologist couldn't get back to me in time to do anything for me. Then it only took 20 minutes of pushing for my daughter to be born. In retrospect, it really wasn't that bad, of course that's probably the aforementioned amnesia talking. Good luck!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.


I was induced at 40w4d, due to hbp. It was a nice birth, no drugs, but not for lack of asking for them, I just waited too long. Ha! It was 12 hours from start to finish, pitocin after 9 hours, so only three hours of Holy Fuck this hurts! I truly don't remember much of those three hours, and would do it drug free again (if only I could get pg!)

Good luck, I think with your short cervix it probably won't take muich to get it going. Can't wait to hear Babe's name!


I've had three babies all via vajayjay (sorry, I'll stop with the scientific references). All three were late and the first two were induced simply by the doctor going in and breaking my water for me. I never required the drip as my body went into labour almost as soon as the water was broken. After that it was just labour for a few hours and vaginal birth. I'd never heard before that induction increases the risk of c-section. See, these here blawgs is good fer learnin.


I went to 42 long weeks. Your mother and I should have tea :) I went into "labor" 6 hours before my scheduled induction, but 40 loooooooooong hours later, I was still at 3cm dilated so we started pitocin and got a epi so that I could sleep. I really, really wanted the crunchy birth, and I had a doula. My doula really helped with the induction. It might not be too late for you to get one, if you think it would help.

If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have been so scared about the pitocin and the epi. They raised the pitocin in very, very small amounts, and the epidural was off before I started pushing. I will say that I think doing an induction with a nurse midwife makes a difference--our midwife was awesome and she was committed to my delivering the baby vaginally. If there is a next time, I won't wait so long for the pitocin and the epidural.

If you have a doula or other crunchy health practioner you might ask about natural things you could do to help ripen your cervix like Evening of Primrose oil. I tried this, but I do not know whether it is okay with BP issues.

Betty M

I was induced for baby 1 at 38 weeks as I had pre-e and they thought the baby was a bit wee. Went in about 4 in the afternoon, one pessary about 6 pm when i was about 2 cm dilated, full on painful labour started a few hours after with zero build up just straight in. Gas and air made me sick so passed on that. About 2 am I was getting pretty tired so got a shot of diamorphine (this is in the UK) which was I have to say fabulous and let me coast/sleep through the contractions. By about 8am I was really having enough so I had a "walking epidural". A couple of hours pushing followed and she was born at 2.30 in the afternoon weighing in at 5lb 4oz, no tearing, no instruments, no c-section. It really was fine. I got to do all the walking around, breathing exercises, giving birth on hands and knees I wanted as well as the heavy drugs!

I can't believe you and Tertia - this is so unfair - you just want us all refreshing wildly all night to find out!!


Nookie, nookie will get you out of this in a quick way. And I can guess who may no longer be a little....


I was hooked up to an iv drip and labour started pretty quickly and intensely within a short time (10 minutes?) there was no easing in this way, so be prepared for that.
did okay with handling the strong contractions for a while with breathing and then it pushed my blood pressure up too high, so I was put on morphine to try and keep it down.
they wheeled me from a birthing room to more of an operating room at that point, just in case they needed to do some intervention and they did because the morpine pretty much shut down the whole pushing business and my oldest son was a mid forceps delivery and a blue baby (slightly oxygen deprived) to boot.
That didn't last long though, and he was beautiful and healthy pink very quickly.
the hardest part of the whole damn thing was that they took him away for a while to take care of him and I couldn't go with him - my husband did - but I had to stay and do the whole placenta thing.
I HATED that.

I am so excited for you!!!


Hi there, can't believe it's almost time for you already!!

I was induced at 38 weeks after 8 weeks of bedrest, and I didn't use any pain meds. The induction started with cervidil about 7pm, pitocin started about midnight, my water broke at 8am, I went from 5-10cm right away and my son was born naturally at 8:30am.

I hated being strapped to the IV/monitors, but it was not unbearable. The worst part was when the nurses cleaning me up didn't know I didn't have an epidural and were very, uh, rough with the towels to my nether regions. ;)

Be up front with the nurses and they will make it as "crunchy" as they can within your circumstances. Like a few others said, induction doesn't have to suck. Good luck!!


I was induced at 37.5 weeks because of high BP. My dr. broke my water and I instantly went into hard labor. I labored for about 3 hours, the whole time begging for my epidural. They finally gave it to me and thank god they didn't check my cervix first because I was fully dialated and my ob doesn't give them past 8cm. So, I pushed for almost 2 hours. He was almost ut so they pulled him out with one of those head suction thingies. I was induced at 38 weeks with my daughter becasue I lived FAR from the hospital and now had a history of short labor. No problems again, 3 hours, 2 pushes, and voila! A baby! I also had an epidural though. Hey, I think that if they're there I should take advatage of that. Good luck. You will be fine!


I wanted a natural labor and ended up being induced because at 41.5 weeks my body was showing NO SIGNS that labor would start any time soon. First they tried cervidil. I got a second dose after about 11 hours (3 of which I slept) because the first dose did nothing but give me contractions. 30 hours after the first dose, I made it to 4cm. That's when they gave me pitocin. 9.5 hours (40 minutes of pushing) later my son was born vaginally.

I had no pain meds and I had my vaginal birth. I hated induction, though. That first 30 hours was harder than it should have been due to the cervidil (I was incredulous when I realized that that 30 hours had been PRE-labor, the kind they say you're supposed to be able to talk and laugh through - not so with induction meds), and the constant monitoring that came with the pitocin meant that I couldn't use the shower to help me with pain. Oh and we didn't do membrane stripping or break my waters because I was GBS+.

I've read several birth stories that started out like mine - they all consented to epidurals at some point and ended in c-sections.

Oh, and, the cervidil made my son hyper in utero, which is part of the reason I got so little sleep. He did flips all.night.long. When he was born, his cord was wrapped around him FOUR times and he was purple. He had a little oxygen before we were able to initiate breastfeeding.


I was induced at 36 weeks and one day with my twins. The began pitocin at 6:00 pm. after a regular contraction pattern was established, Around 7:30, they put in the epidural (primarily in case they needed to c-section baby b, its a damn good thing that I didn't need one cause they put it in crooked and I felt everything on the left side.)I laboured quite peacfully for a few hours more, then, when the OR was cleared at 11:00 P.M. they broke the first water, the second sac broke along with it. Within ten minutes I was in the OR pushing and at 11:31 twin A was born. Twin B followed 4 minutes later. It was as easy as my first unassisted and natural birth. Good luck


totally same sitch here! bp was up, but no protein spillage so not technically in the beyond-scary-bad zone, but put on bedrest for 3 weeks. I was induced at 39w3d b/c of the high bp. But mine was like 200/120, so very very not good!

Induction wasn't bad in itself. I think I labored for about 12-15 hours before making much progress. I didn't get the epidural until abut 12 hours in, and it was really nice and easy. Our video during that time shows me laughing, watching TV and making jokes. My bad part came b/c baby was sunny side up and the long labor reduced my amniofluid to nil, so he couldn't get turned right. That gave me excruciating back labor, and since my doc was too busy watching football, he let me spend 2 hours pushing with a nurse and no progress. ASSHOLE! Anyway, the induction itself wasn't bad, and I probably would have had a 'normal' vaggie birth if it wasn't for dumb baby being the wrong way. And the c-section wouldn't have been bad either if I hadn't spent 2 hours pushing the baby into my pelvis for no reason.

Unlike the PP, they let me sit in the bath for my pain. The unmonitored me long enough to do that -- they let me sit there as long as I wanted. I think they felt like since I was there and we were on our way, unmonitoring me for 30 minutes to sit in the tub wasn't bad.

Honestly, birth is just plain unpredictable, whether you are induced or not. I hope Rocky decides to get here without induction, but even if you are induced there still is a baby at the end! And let me tell you, as soon as I heard my son cry the previous 24 hours just disappeared from my memory. Hell, I even started to forget the 10 years of trying! It was that beautiful. No matter what, you'll have YOUR birth experience and the only part worth remembering is the part where you first see and hear yoru child. bliss.


I was given Pictocin at 38 weeks after my water broke and contractions didn't start. It hurt like hell for hours. I didn't want pain meds either. I did those god damn breathing exercises for 9 hours and never got further than 1cm dilated. After the dr assured me I was super tough I agreed to an epidural. Ah Heaven, what the hell was I thinking? Anyway, after the epi I relaxed and dilated to 10cm in a hour and half and pushed him out in about 45 minutes. I was like you I wanted the crunchiest possibe experience I could have in the hospital and I agonized over getting the epidural, but next time I won't even trip I'll just get the epidural right off the bat. I'm not saying give in to the pain meds, just don't beat yourself up if you do.
Hope you have a beautiful surgery-less birth experience.


I was induced with both of my kids and everything went just fine. I wasn't dilated a bit with either one (my theory is that I have such a nice womb no one wants to leave!) :) My first labor lasted 15 hours and the second was 6. I've had several friends who were induced...none of which ended in c-section. I hope everything goes well for you.


I think I may have told this to you before, but whatever, it seems relevant now. I was on bedrest starting at the beginning of my third trimester for an incompetent cervix and high blood pressure. Everytime I went in there past, oh, 31 weeks or so, my doctor was pretty certain I was going to have that baby any day now, since I was already starting to dilate. At 37 weeks and a few days, they decided to induce. (Oh, the irony.) My blood pressure had been around the numbers you had; with a couple of worrisome spikes. My doctor said she felt the baby had baked long enough and would be fine (at the practice I went to, 37 weeks was considered full term) and she didn't want me to have a stroke because of the wacky blood pressure. So we induced.

And it was GREAT. I'm being serious. I was started on a very low level of Pitocin, and they let me just hang around for about 5 hours to see what it would do. I couldn't even feel the contractions. When the doctor came in hours later, the nurse mentioned to her that she didn't think I was making any progress, and the doctor was like, she's making great progress, she's dilated to 6cm, and she showed the nurse the contractions on the monitor. The nurse stammered something about how I just didn't seem like I was in labor (you could tell she felt guilty about not doing her job checking up on me, but I couldn't blame her, I was just sitting around in bed, dozing or chatting or whatever). The doctor decided to break my water to speed things up a bit, and after that I could definitely feel those contractions. But they weren't that bad. I've heard with Pitocin the contractions can be harder to take because they aren't gradual, or they are continuous, etc. But mine were textbook. Gradual build-up, intense for a bit, gradual let-down, with a break in between. Looking back, I probably would have asked if they could have done anything to create a greater interval between contractions, but I may just be picky.

I did end up getting an epidural around 8 cm, but that was mostly because I was tired (I came in because of a bp spike around 11PM, and they started the induction at 2AM, so I had been up all night), and wanted to get some sleep before the pushing part. The contractions, while intense, were manageable. My epidural was perfect too; couldn't feel a thing around my belly, but could still feel my legs and had control of them. I even felt the urge to poop while I had my epidural, and they helped me to the bathroom (I could have made it myself, but obviously they don't let you walk around unattended with an epidural). I pooped, then went back to the bed and lounged around some more. I even pooped again within a couple hours of giving birth, and my husband swears I didn't poop while pushing, so I was able to feel and control the correct muscles with an epidural. Pushing did take TWO. LONG. HOURS. but my OB said that wasn't too uncommon for first babies. No vaccuum extraction, no forceps, no episiotomy, though I did have a first degree tear, but only because the baby's arm was up by her head, so I was pushing out a hand and a head at the same time. Given that, and the fact that she was 8 lbs, a 1st degree tear seemed pretty good. The doctor was pretty sure, had it not been for that arm, I probably wouldn't have torn.

The childbirth method I chose was Hypnobirthing (natural childbirth without pain - sign me up!), but I didn't actual use any of the tapes or meditation exercises during labor. I just didn't feel the need, and I wasn't against an epidural to begin with, so it wasn't a huge deal to me. But I want to emphasize that my choice to get an epidural was very calm, it wasn't a deperate plea through the pain. I'm convinced that all that breathing that I did before the birth did make me much more relaxed to begin with, and I'm sure that helped a lot.

Anyway, I know this is long, but I just wanted you to know that an induced labor doesn't have to be bad. It can be pretty awesome, actually.


My water broke at 4am at exactly 37 weeks to the day. I was in the hosp by 6am--no contractions, some dilation. The doctor gave me 'til 10am to either start contracting on my own or start Pitocin. I wound up with the Pitocin.

Labor started easy and got tough by noon-ish. I wound up with back labor, and spent much of the afternoon in the bathtub (very nice of the hospital, to have actual bathtubs available. You couldn't deliver in the bathtub, though.)

I relied on the water and my husband doing counter-pressure on my back to get me through. Amazing how much it helped to be in water. I wouldn't say it constituted pain *relief* (certainly not for my husband, who had to stoop over the bathtub to press on my back every few minutes), but it made things bearable enough that I never decided, "Fuck this, I'm getting an epidural."

(I know other people who had epidurals and speak very highly of them. I always thought that if I ever got to go into labor again, I might get one. Alas, I never got to do that (Curse you, secondary infertility!) and now that ship has sailed. But I digress...)

I don't know what time they made me get out of the bathtub and back into bed, but it was sometime after dinnertime. My daughter was born at 8:07pm, after 8 pushes. Just in time for Mother's Day.


Me!! ME!!! I was induced. I go into much more detail on my blog (http://hopefullyhome.blogspot.com/2007/12/5-years-ago-today.html), but basically I was induced at just over 37 weeks because I have chronic hypertension and was told (after they checked my son's lung function with an amnio) that 'more bad than good will happen from here on in.' I went in on Monday and my son was delivered on Thursday morning. Yes, it took that long. But neither me nor my son was in distress and so they didn't see any reason to rush into a c-section. My son was born vaginally and is now a healthy 5-year old.


I was induced twice. The first time (my first baby) my blood pressure was so high they wouldn't give me an epidural. Pay careful attention to the breathing instructions, just in case. :) My second induction was my third baby and I did that without drugs also, my choice. Do share your concerns with your doctor. The pit isn't bad, and the contractions aren't that much different, until suddenly they are. If you tell them it's getting too much, they can shut it off, and then hopefully your body will go on and do its thing. Good luck!


For my first, I was induced at 37 weeks because of pre-e. The pit drip sucked and I was miserable- had basically one straight contraction for about 2.5 hours. Once I got an epidural, I was happy as a clam, until I had to push- I guess that was about 3-4 hours later. My son DID NOT want to come out and I pushed for 2.5 hours for a kid that weighed less than six pounds. I think if it had gone much longer, it would have been a c. My husband said in those last 15 minutes of pushing, I made sounds he didn't even think were human.
Sorry- that probably wasn't the best thing to tell someone having their first. But you asked...


I was induced for my second labor (the third will probably go the same way) with cytotec (misoprostol). Never needed pitocin until after I delivered (to control the bleeding from the uterus). It was ok, and as it turns out my body doesn't care how the labor starts once it's at 4cm-- it's all delivery express from there. Best of luck to you.

And will somebody please spill the beans already? Is it Danae? Is it?


A good friend of mine was induced at nearly 42 weeks, and had a perfectly fine labor and delivery, and delivered a healthy 9 lb whopper. I had an emergency C section 1 week prior to my planned C section (38 weeks) because the blood pressure monitor I was on started setting off beeping alarms and making the nurses nervous. As crappy as induction seems to be, you probably want to go in before your blood pressure hits the red line. (mine were always perfectly fine until that doctor's appt) Everything happened so fast that I was stunned, and my husband barely made it to the hospital in time for the birth.

I can't believe you and Tertia are holding out on us this way :( It's so unfair! Tell us, tell us, Please!


Induced for Gestational Diabetes at 39 weeks. 12 hours of labor, baby responded badly to the contractions, emergency c-section. Turns out the cord was wrapped all around him, so thank goodness we went to the OR. My recovery was pretty easy.


My experience was a lot like Elizabeth's friend - above. I wasn't induced, but after my water broke and I labored for a while without wasn't progressing much so they started pit. I'm glad that I didn't have the epi because come to find out I hadn't been progressing because Kid's head was tilted and not putting enough pressure on my cervix to dilate much (like someone else above). What got her head to finally DROP (with a thud) and subsequently got me to progress (FAST) was the pit, staying upright and squatting - which I wouldn't have been able to do probably with an epi. Got a couple doses of Fentanyl and spent a lot of time in the tub, walking, etc. All in a hospital with an L&D nurse, doula and OB checking in every once in a while. The pit WAS hard, but do-able. My birth story is on my blog if you're interested http://lucky.typepad.com/weblog/2007/07/story-from-the-.html.

Bump Fairy

2 inductions =One with pitocin for three god-aweful days, finally an epidural which lead to complete dialation due to the total relaxation of my resistant body, 3 pushes, and my daughter.
Other a natural induction with the breaking of my water at 3cm dialated, the passing of half an hour of time, 2 pushes and my son.

Pitocin sucks. But it doesn't *always* lead to section, just usually to an epidural. I think the biggest hurdle I got over was the epidural, as pushing was really hard when you couldn't tell you were doing it. That could have stopped all the progress right there. Which would have lead to a c-section.


I was induced 3 times, with all 3 kids. They were huge babies. First one, I was 2 cm already, they started pitocin, I handled it fine for 5 hours, then asked for the epidural (I was probably 6-7 I'm guessing). 3 hours later I was fully dilated. Pushed for 2 hours, then had to use vacuum and ultimately forceps. She was 9lb. 3oz. at exactly 38 weeks. Only had 1 small labial tear - 2 stitches.

2nd baby I was induced with a pill - I'm guessing misoprostol. I started out 3 cm dilated. It was supposed to be administered every 4 hours, but about an hour after I took it, Dr. came in, broke my water, I started with intense, painful contractions, felt her come down the birth canal so hard she slammed into the bottom of my pelvis and I jumped. Barely had time for an epi that didn't work too well. Total labor was 2 hours 23 minutes. I only had to push twice. It was a breeze, but the after pains were really bad - I wonder if it was a side effect of the drug. She was 9lb. 6 oz. at 38 weeks 1 day, and I had no tears at all. Recovery was a breeze.

3rd baby was induced with pitocin. I was 4cm for a week or more before the induction. Total labor time was about 2 hours 45 minutes. I spent half of it wondering why I was in so much pain and yet stuck at 4, then I completely dilated within about half an hour. It took about 20 minutes to push him out, at 38 weeks 2 days he was 9lb. 13 oz. with a 15.5 inch head (off the charts, yay). No tears, easy recovery.

My experience with induction was great; I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. However, I think my body was ready. I was already dilated some when I started, and it didn't take much to get labor going. Good luck!


I was induced a couple days before my due date b/c of borderline bp issues....and general pregnancy induced crankiness on my part. (I didn't turn down the induction when offerred.) I did go home that night and google inductions and convinced myself that I was dstroying any chance of happiness my daughter had in this world and I would for sure end up in some crash c-section after four days of horrible labor....but, the idea of sitting in a recliner for a few more days/weeks whilst my very lmited maternity leave slippd away got me over the worst of my superstition and pessimism in time to get us to the hospital a tthe appointed time the next evening.

The gave me cervidil overnight, and started pitocin in the morning. We went from nothing happening to my water breaking and my daughters big bulbous head hitting me square in the back in about 30 minutes (she was, as they say, "sunny side up").

The excruciating back pain lasted only the 20 minutes I screamed and vomitted incoherently (I don't have pain tolerance) whilst they ran down the hall for the anesthesiologist to administer an epidural. (the litterally yanked him out of another patients room). Mind you I was 2 cm dilated and nell's head was nowhere near my cervix. I didn't care....I just wanted that back pain to stop. I was sure I'd end up in a c-section, but nope...

4 pain free hours later, there was quite a bit of laughter and lightheartedness and NO PAIN whatsoever as Nell uneventfully entered this world through a normal vaginal delivery. I pushed maybe 30 minutes? No tearing...no aftermath. Just a relaxed happy baby and a relaxed happy mama.

I've already told my OB I'm ready to order the same exact experience...


My mother was induced when she was pregnant with me at 42 and a half weeks! And she did just fine. No drugs or anything. I was born healthy and happy--though my skin was a bit dry because I'd absorbed most of my amniotic fluid, haha. Thinking happy thoughts for you!


My friend was planning a homebirth, but as her BP kept creeping up as she passed 43 weeks(!), so her midwives wanted her to check in to the hospital. They tried all kinds of natural inductions first, then went to that stuff they put on your cervix, then to pitocin, and she ended up with a c-section.


I didn't read the comments, and I hate to scare a pregnant mom, but you asked and I will give you my own experience so that you may feel more prepared.

I have delivered 3 children vaginally. I only ever screamed for an epidural once. The one time I had pitocin (even thoughI was in labor) was the one time I couldn't handle the pain. I am quasi-crunchy, too. I was more afraid of the epidural than the pain with my non-pitocin deliveries... My advice is this:if you must be induced, go into it knowing that the pain suffered with pitocin is nothing like a regular labor. It causes the contractions in the beginning to feel more like the contractions from the END of a non-induced labor(from my experience and my sisters').

This is just my experience. But I always tell women that are going to get pitocin to either plan on or be REALLY open to the idea of an epidural....

catherine illian

I was induced-- much to my dismay at almost 42 weeks due to low amniotic fluid--I had midwives so they wait as long as possible-- but it was time-- I didn't know until the day I went in-- that is was happening-- which I liked bc I didn't have to anticipate it. my whole long birth story is here if you want it

but it ended up being great. I have a short cervix too-- and i was almost 4 cm and almost all effaced when they started the pitocin-- I also ate and drank and moved around alot..all during labor-- insist on that--- you are the patient-- they can't force anything on you--or force you to be in the bed-- from when they started the pitocin to when he came was around 10 hours, but I was in active labor for about 6 hours. before active labor, I watched a movie,ate, slept etc.. acted like I was at home -- I hope you don't have to be induced-- but it can be great--even with induction I had a wonderful birth-- and feel very blessed -- I am not sure if you are dialated, but it helps if you are..

catherine illian

oh also-- I did not get an epidural-- btw-- I talked to one of my friends who has two and was induced with the first but not the second and she did it naturally both times--contractions hurt either way-- you just get more gentle contractions and working up to it with natural labor than with pitocin-- but she said in the end, they both hurt about the same-- which gave me hope--going into it..


I went 42 weeks with my first, and checked in for induction on a Tuesday. They administered suppositories to kick start things (soften my cervical lining) but my cervix wouldn't budge, so I spent the first 24 hours refusing to let them break my water while wishing those minor, small contractions from the drugs would become 'real'. I wanted to attempt a natural birth, with an epidural (I'm a wuss.) I walked, bounced on a ball, showered, prayed for labor to just happen.

Somewhere around hour 30 I decided water breakage might hasten things, so they did, and WHAMMO! Meconium in the fluid... I was instantly tethered to the bed: pitocin drip, internal fetal monitoring, catheter, oxygen, you freakin' name it and I had it. I truly felt like a science experiment. I did eventually progress to 6 cm. but had been admitted for a full 48 hours at that point. Baby began to show signs of stress so they gave me the option to continue another hour or have the C-section. I went under the knife, with tears but the certainty that I'd done all I could.

It sounds bad overall, I know, and the outcome of an induction is anything but certain, but mother nature has a way of erasing the bad. I can tell the story now and say, eh, it wasn't so bad.

(*Best part?? Broke a tooth on a graham cracker during my stay. Fun times!)


I was induced at 41.5 weeks, overdue with a little protein in my urine and slightly high blood pressure. I got the gel at 10pm, at 8:30 am, and then was due for my third dose at 1:30, but was already in labour. My lovely doctor broke my water, and hard labour started, it was hard but ok. I got a shot of fentanyl around transition. I pushed for about 45 minutes, and out shot my 9lb 1/2 ounce son. About 5.5 hours altogether. I have to say getting the gel/breaking my water/checking dilation was the worst thing of all - who would guess that poking around your cervix while in labour would be the worst part? Well, for me, anyways.


Thinking you and Tertia are very very mean for not sharing. Mean. Just mean.

Hospitalized with high bp at 37 weeks. Induced at 38 weeks. Cervical softening gel at midnight. Woke up with hard contractions at 3:00 am. Broke my water at noon. Little Boy was sunny side up and my pelvis had closed back up around him. Had contractions while dialated to 10 AND rocking back and forth trying to get him to flip WHILE being forced to stand up trying to get him to drop for 3 hours. Little Boy ended up with decelerations and I ended up with an emergency c-setion at 11:47 p.m.

I do not think that the induction was in any way a cause for my c-section. I think it was my body messing with me again. Just for fun.


My dr induced me too early, just shy of 40 weeks due to the Chieftain having an erratic heartbeat during my last non stress test. My body wasn't ready and I spent approximately 35 hours in 'labor'. I use the term loosely because the Pitocin never really got my contractions going and I never dilated past 3cm, even with the stripping of my membranes (now *that* was painful cramping).

I ended up having an emergency c-section when the Chieftain's heartbeat disappeared. I had a spinal with a local, which was painless and took less than 15 seconds to numb me up. Surgery took 25 minutes, from cut to suture - it goes by very very quickly. If you do have a c-section, please be aware that you'll get the shakes afterwards - this is normal! Also, when they tell you not to use the stairs, they really mean it.

Good luck!!


Forgot to add, the cramps from the Pit were extremely mild...for that matter, so were the contractions.

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