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Happy 4-year Family Day Anniversary! Hope you're doing something fun to celebrate this special day.

kris (lower case)

ok...it's been two or three months...are we in for a year hiatus again? just wondering...


So when you said your blog was back you meant...not really right?


Is everything okay?


Sweet Mary Mother of God! Are you really and truly back?? Your girls are so grown up and oh so beautiful. I hope it's not a dream.....


Have you tried using the Mirena. That's what I'm on and it has a 5 and 10 year plan. Works really well


no knowledge to offer- just happy to have found you blogging again!


Is everything okay?


OMG you havent gotten a period yet? You lucky lucky duck you!


Just checking in. I was a reader in the waiting for MP days and thrilled when you came back. I hope you come back again soon. Your family is in my prayers. Hope all is well!


Where are you? I miss reading your updates!

Jess - daysgoby

Hope you're well, and back to writing soon....

Jennifer West

Funny how they coined the term "hot flashes." Yes you do feel a flash of heat moving up and down your body, and you may feel flushed from the experience. But the term must have been coined because, once we feel that flash of heat, the reality of aging flashes in front of us.

Hello midlife, I wasn't sure I would welcome you, but I don't think I have a choice, do I? Good luck to us.

kris (lower case)

so...been over a year..just sayin'..........

kris (lower case)

yes...another year long break...


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