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I missed you!!!!!!!!! Glad you're back.


Welcome back. Or better yet, Welcome Home.

And, OMG, MP is soooo big now (and yes, I hate it when people say that to me about my little, too - like I don't know it already).

Great post and I can't wait to read more.


It is so good to have you back! It is also so good to see how big MP face again... I have wondered about you guys so many times through the years. I can't wait to hear more about Bo, she is so beautiful! She sounds a lot like my little boy who learned how to climb out of his crib at 12 month!


OMG! I am so glad to see you back. When I saw you pop up in my feed reader, I couldn't believe it! Both girls are beautiful. I started reading you long before MP, long before I started TTC myself, have many fond memories of knitting for MP, and so seeing you is very much like welcoming an old friend home! You were missed. Now if Chez Miscarriage and Hardscrabble would ever come back too, THAT would be like Christmas :)


MP and Bo are absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad you're back & writing about them & yourself.


Wait, what?!!! I nearly had an attack when Cheek showed up in my feed reader. Welcome back, my friend!! We're in Hawaii for the week and our internet connection is hideous, but as soon as we get home I'm going to settle down and get caught up. Yay!


Oh! Oh Oh Oh!

I am so so happy you're back.

Thank you!


Your girls are so gorgeous! I lurked on your blog long ago, and it's really good to have you back. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

MFA Mama

OMG you have the two most bee-YOO-tiful girls EVER! So glad you're back!


The girls are adorable!! Sounds like you have quite the pair!! :-)


Oh, how I know the danger of any tiny variation from the bedtime ritual -- woe betide the poor parent who forgets some crucial bit of it!

My own little Knock-a-doodle-doo slept in bed with me until he was 3.5 because I got tired of the 2 am wake-up calls, so I feel your pain there, too (he did grow out of it, though -- so there's hope!).

So glad to have you back!


Welcome back - and your girls are gorgeous!


Wow, it's so crazy seeing MP as a little girl and not a baby. How wonderful. :)


I am so glad you are back!! I missed you! Welcome back, I look forward to reading. The girls are both beautiful.


Welcome back!! So glad you decided to write again.

After Words (fka Brooklyn Girl)

It IS you! Hooray! Can't believe how big everyone is. Looking forward to catching up all over again....


I never commented when you were writing as you waited for MP but I read you faithfully and am so glad you're back. Your girls are so beautiful.


You made my day. I love Google Reader for letting me know that you were back!


Very happy you are back! Can't wait to read all about the family, product placement, sleep patterns or whatever you decide to write about.

anne nahm

Holy wow, welcome back!


Welcome back!


Hi! I'm glad you are back. Your girls are beautiful!


So excited you are back! I missed you. Also, have you considered a crib tent? I have a 23 mo with a big head and he was making me sick with his leaning over the rail (over the hard wood floor). A few protests at first, but the extra year in the crib is priceless. So not ready for him to be out of the crib.


So glad you're back!!!!


So glad I kept you in my reader- welcome back!

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