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Does Random happen to be playing EQ or another similar video game... in the background? :)

Jo in Utah

If I have to buy a new computer montitor because mine exploded from an excess of cute, I am sending you the bill woman!
Sighing in MP cuteness heaven this morning.


Does the bib say vegetarian? You MUST tell me where you found it! We are vegetarians too and Becca defnitely needs that bib?


Maya is beautiful.

Madame T is not.

The end.


MP is just so yummie, delish, gorgeous!

If we ever manage to arrange that playdate please could you put away all your beautiful footwear first? Loopy only knows Mummy's grungy trainers and Daddy's lace ups, once she sees what MP has access to there will be all hell to pay.

Heather Ann

TOday I was reading a celebrity rag and they actually wrote, "Connor and Isabella, Cruise's children with ex-wife Nicole Kidman." Amazing. They always point out that the children were adopted. Finally, they are just children.


She is so completely adorable!


MP looks divine! I love her new dress, she is so cute. And ditto on the Mad T thing. The whole thing just makes me nuts, I had to stop reading about it.


She is so, so, so unbearably adorable I can't stand it. Seriously...her little ears! Love them. And as if we needed another reason not to visit Madame Tussauds, from what I remember the worlds dumbest excuse for a museum ever. Lame.

May I ask why MP eats meat if you do not? I'm guessing Random must not be a vegetarian and insists. I won't be feeding my kids meat since I haven't eaten any in 17 years and can't even imagine preparing it. But my husband is a vegetarian too so the decision was easy. I'm still trying to figure out how to make sure my inlaws don't sneak meat to the kid while babysitting though. That is definitley something they would pull just so they could gloat to the other relatives that the poor deprived vegetarian child loves steak. I'm still hearing it about our vegetarian wedding reception 5 years later. Hmmm.....Maybe I should nannycam them.


Why don't we ever get a family picture? Random looks pretty hot from the little teases we get in these pictures...


I think those just might be the cutest pictures EVER of Maya. Her pink bow is just precious, as are her little teeth and cute faces. Just adorable!!!

new girl

Can I just say how much I adore your kid?


Looks to me like Random's VERY IMPORTANT WORK is a game. Hmmmmmm. And that whole Madame T thing makes me ill. People just look for reasons to hate famous people, too bad it's about adoption this time.
Oh, and Maya is a-dor-a-ble and Hello Kitty rules.


aahhhh! I'm overwhelmed by adorableness! :P Great photo-fest. (and her Thanksgiving dress is gorgeous too)


Lovin lovin lovin the photo essay. MP can do photoessays any ol time she likes and I will be so happy. As for Madame Tussaud? Well, let's just say it won't be my destination of choice. ugh.


oh. my. god.

i am enraptured. such beautiful photos, and they tell such a beautiful story. i couldn't be happier for you guys. what a journey.

geez, i can't even comment on here anymore without sounding sappy!

the photo of the MP/Random hug killed me. KILLED.


She is so pretty!

Beth in Michigan

She is so scrumptious! I love the shot where she's handing you the shoe, it looks like she's saying "Perhaps madame would like something in the pointy-toed line, yes?"


I agree, why is it that media make adopting kids, to be a bad thing? Although it does appear that their $$ & social status, gets them through the process a lot quicker.

Maya, with the shoes! Imedlda in the making?!!


MP is just adorable. I love that photo of her leaning her head on Random's shoulder.

And I am not even going to get started on Madonna and her "adoption" story. I change the radio when one of her songs comes on, can't stand the woman, never have and this latest story makes my blood boil.


Your daughter is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing pictures.

I went to Madame T's in Las Vegas this past September. Thankfully, they didn't have any adoption related stuff then. Now that I know what's going on, I won't be going back to Madame T's again!


I love the "presentation of the shoe" shot :)


It's not that adopting needy children is bad, it's just not good to buy children. Madonna could have helped his family. She also invaded the child's father's privacy and publicly humilitated him by saying that his wife died of aids (she didnt) and that he never visited his son (he did). Basically when David's mother died his father wasn't able to afford his upkeep AND work and the poverty there is huge.It would have been more humane to sponsor the family and make a donation that helped all the children rather than pluck one out and take him off to live in London.
It's different to your case where you don't know where Maya's mother or family is.

The problem with those kinds of adoptions is that they are seen as rescuing a child, but what about the rest of that child's family? Dawn had some amazingly good posts about this. I don't write about this so well but you might want to read posts by other adoptees from foreign countries. They are so much more articulate than I am and can explain why what Madonna did isn't such a great idea.

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