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December 23, 2007


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What a lovely post. You sound so delightfully happy about the odd quirks of pregnancy, and about everything else. GL getting those MP presents back in the car. I hope you will post lots about her reactions on Christmas day. Hell, I'd be interested to know more about the 3 napkins!

On pregnancy and size, I got huge early (IMO) but it didn't mean anything...I didn't gain more weight than I should have and my son was an entirely average sized baby.

Crazyinternet psychic

I got huge early too, then went on to have an 11 pound baby. Pushing out a basket ball is not fun. (PUSH!....KILL ME NOW!...PUSH!...GET IT OUT OF ME!...) Rocky is a boy. 8 pounds or so. Pregnancy will suck, you'll love every second of it.


It's so great to hear you talk about the aches and pains of pregnancy! It really puts a silly smile on my face! I'm so excited you get to find out soon.. I found out with my last baby at 16 weeks. I HAD to know! I was camped out on the doorstep of the elective u/s center!

I'm so excited for you!!!


Allergic to your own tears? Wow. Pregnancy IS fun.

Hope you have a merry Christmas!


Belly pics???!!!


That's exactly how I described my body to people when pregnant: like a huge science experiment. It was so cool.

I can't wait to find out if you're having a boy or a girl.

Maya is going to have the funnest time opening all those presents! I hope you take (and post!) pictures of her opening some of them.

I'm so very glad that your sweet girl brought so much happiness into your life. It couldn't happen to a better person.


I don't think you did that for me, but thanks. Although now I find myself with nearly irrepresible cravings for pickled peppers.


16 weeks! Wow.

I can say I wasn't allergic to my tears. I found pregnancy after so many years of trying to get that way, to be quite easy. I had to take lovenox daily becuase of a clotting disorder, I got gestational diabetes. I loved every minute of it.

Good luck! MP will be a great big sister!

just another jenny

I forgot all about the itchy boobies, oh what fun! Merry Christmas.


Welcome to the South! Don't run the water! We're in a drought. Ain't dat jis great? I'm glad you arrived safely and ready for the big day tomorrow. I hope that you all have a wonderful day of giving!


Oy! Sorry about all the uncomfortable and freaky parts.
But isn't it comforting to know your mate will ever pass up an opportunity to embarrass you? Some things, at least, are as they have always been, and as they should be. Right?
Good luck on the 4th. Let's hope the cervix behaves, and other interesting things are observed. :)


So, do you think that having your cervix cauterized played a part in you being able to get pregnant? I'm glad you aren't as sick anymore. Have a wonderful Christmas!


Totally ship all the presents back, with the exception, I suppose, of whatever MP can't stand the ride home without. You'll have a much roomier trip home, and if you are having one of your feeling bigger days, that will be so much the better! Have a wonderful holiday!


It is so fun to see you here!! I still can hardly believe it!

I remember my nips being ON FIRE. They burned, so I wore a bra to bed for a while.

Hope Christmas was dandy and hope MP's loot fits in the car!


So nice to see how sweet Random is at supporting you during this pregnancy. What a dream guy to want to make you cry and see the tear streaks as evidence? Oh he is going to get pay back when that baby gets here and keeps him up at nights. Hope LP enjoyed all the pressies and paper and boxes. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. You can ship her gifts home if they won't fit in the car.



I read voraciously but never commented before, and am so friggin' glad to see you back and hear your great and so-very-not-boring news. Congratulations!

Sometimes I get those tear tracks, too, and sometimes I don't. And I'm not pregnant. Who knows. Body is a wonderland, and all that.


I dont want you to find out!! hope s/he keeps his/her bits covered!! :)


What a treat this has been - I just found out that you've reestablished your blog (after clicking the old naked ovary link on tertia's blog out of boredome, thinking "oh what the heck"). What amazing news! Best wishes for the duration of the pregnancy (and congrats on MP - she sounds delightful!). I'll go back to lurking, just like the good old days.


I think it is a boy.

i had been wondering what became of you and other gone-but-not-forgotten bloggers.


I think your readers need an update. Okay, I need an update. ;) How YOU doin'?


I am soooo excited to have found you back at blogging. I am lurker who followed you through the adoption process and am thrilled to now find you pregnant!
I also have a miracle baby I wasn't supposed to be able to have. He's an amazing gift to us -- added to our family with IVF twins.

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