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December 01, 2007


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thanks for the update. Get well soon and look forward to reading more. Hope the morning sickness didn't stick around too long.


I love it! Sorry you are sick, though. I can't wait to find out about the mysteries of maternity wear!


So let me guess, you're not puking anymore from morning sickness, just at the #$@! expensive maternity clothes?

I hope the Decongestant Fairy visits your house and soon!


So glad the sudden stop to writing didn't mean bad things. Hope the puking stops soon! And I can't wait to hear what maternity shopping was like for you. Nine weeks might be early for some people, especially infertile people, but you need to be comfortable right? I keep telling myself that as I contemplate where the heck to get maternity bras without going to a maternity store...


I am so excited that you are back!! I don't know if I have said that yet, so sorry if I have.

I also love it that you are writing a blog that you could not have read 4 years ago. This is seriously cool. I can't wait to hear more about the maternity shopping, and the rest of the pregnancy. Not to mention MP, who is very seriously cute.

Dreamer Mom

I'm also someone who couldn't read a blog about pregnancy four years ago.

However, as a fellow adoptive mom (no bio kids), and a long-time reader of your blog, I am more than thrilled for you. This is one pregnancy-related blog I will be frequenting.

Congrats again!

Bump Fairy

YAY! You're back!


Congratulations! I sneaked over from Tertia' blog. Rocky is such a cute baby name - for A BOY! All that puking - you're having a girl! Been there, done that and listening to my girl tell my boy how she wants her room rearranged at this very moment. Boys are much nicer to their mommy, even in the womb. ;-)


could you please call me? we need to talk. I am not waiting any more. Could Random update? or is he still patting himself on the back for this accomplishment?


ouch on the phlegm. Hope things improve stat. Particularly since I am dying to find out what happened next and what the current status of things is.
But seriously, feel better.


So glad to see you in better spirits these days. You deserve to be happy.


I just got back from the BEST holiday party ever, and I said to myself, since my PC was still on and in standby, that if there were an update on your blog it would be the perfect end to the perfect day. And voila!

So I figured from my memory and calcuations that you're comfortably into the 2nd trimester, but even if I didn't know that, I'd be saying yay! My OB told me that once you're past 8 weeks and have a good heartbeat your odds of M/C are low indeed. Hooray!!

I would understand hesitating to write details about your pregnancy on, say, a board of infertile women. But the rules of blog-writing have always been different. A blog is all about your life, and people choose to come through the door of your blog so they can read about what's going on with YOU, and how you feel about it. It doesn't "blindside" them like a post on an infertility board would, where people go for solace and support. And besides, you've earned this. I really hope you'll keep writing about every detail.


i have been reading your blog in the past and its great to have you back! So very very happy for you, puking and all! i am also an ex infertile and after 9 years of trying i just had my miracle baby, she is now 3 months and called Maya!! enjoy the maternity shopping and stay happy!

Amy in BC

Sorry to hear you are (were?) so sick...

But so glad to have you back :) If you get the chance let us know how MP is doing and how she settled into the family will you? We waited so long for MP! (Yeah, ok, your wait was more emotionally vested and all that but yeah, we wanna hear!!)


I agree with Carol. You've earned this. Keep writing (if it strikes your fancy) and we'll keep reading.


Glad to hear that you splurged on maternity wear. When I finally got PG after years and years of trying, I was wearing maternity pants at the earliest opportunity. I remember actually having to belt them to keep them up. But my regular clothes didn't fit, and damned if I wasn't going to enjoy every minute, so I bought some cute maternity clothes and went for it. So happy for you, and waiting excitedly for the next update.


Sarah - you can get comfy maternity bras at WalMart - look in the packaged sports bras section.

Mortimer's Mom

I can't wait to hear you write about maternity underwear! Because the thought of you in big ol' granny panties.... ha! With pointy shoes, of course!


Sorry to hear you're sick. Get well soon.

So glad you're back. Like everyone else commenting - I missed your writing.


Hope you're feeling better soon. My daughter and I have been passing the same daycare illnesses back-and-forth since September. In fact, I'm sitting at the computer right now with a fever and chills, but I just HAD to see if there was an update. And I'm glad I did!

And don't worry about the pregnancy talk... I love it! It's pretty surreal, when I think back on some of your old posts a few years ago. So, keep on writing about it, it's amazing!


Aw sweetie, you're back! And pregnant?! Two of the best pieces of news I've heard. A million congratulations, and feel better soon.

Simonne Walmsley

From one long-time infertile to another ... we don't mind the pregnancy stuff. We're just so happy for you that there is pregnancy stuff to blog about!

midlife mommy

I remember the RLP. I mostly felt it getting out of bed. It would double me over. So glad that you are able to write abou this stuff now! As for clothes, you might think about e-bay. Though many of the clothes are used, I'll bet you'll find someone selling clothes that are longer. They seem to have everything. I bought most of my maternity clothes from e-bay or a second hand store.

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