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November 27, 2007


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I adore you, I really do. and i am so glad you are back blogging because I have totally missed you. but I swear...if you drag this out...I am going to lose it.


Muuuhahahahahahahaa, Amber. ;P

But it's so much more fun to do it this way.


Fun for who???

i have turned into a crazy "refresher", its insane. you see this? I JUST READ YOUR UPDATE and posted...and before i sign off i had to come back and check if just maybe you posted more. in the past 6 minutes.

good grief. IS THERE A NEWBORN IN YOUR HOUSE?? just tell me please.



I'm with Amber. It's a good thing we're all so thrilled to be getting ANY updates from you, or the cliffhanger thing might cause some sort of mutiny.

As for cravings/aversions- pretty much the only thing that sounded consistently tolerable was cereal. Aversions there were aplenty. But the wierdest thing that threw me in to a nausea tailspin was this Arby's commercial that seemed to be on every thirty seconds while I was pregnant. It had a big nasty closeup of a fish sandwich, and I had to burrow under a pillow every time it aired. I simply couldn't deal with the idea of a fish sandwich. Blech.


No particularly odd cravings but I have to say, I got so used to throwing up, I would just leave the house with a few Ziplocs in my purse so I was always ready!lol It was easier for me though because this was my first child, I could lie around and do nothing all day if I needed to. Good luck and congrats.



Oh, I'm so excited to hear about all this and share my own stories!

My first pregnancy, our fridge was a graveyard of half-eaten-food containers. One day I HAD TO HAVE COTTAGE CHEESE NOW, and went to the store and bought a huge vat of it. Once I got home, I WAS SO GROSSED OUT LOOKING AT THAT DISGUSTING COTTAGE CHEESE THAT I ALMOST BARFED JUST THINKING OF IT.

I loved tomatoes during Pregnancy #1. I fantasized about them. I had several tomatoes every day.

One morning during Pregnancy #1, I was feeling great and then two seconds later I was throwing up into a frying pan. There was no warning whatsoever.

With Pregnancy #2 (well, #5, but the second one that ended up in a baby), I could just not get enough citrus and leafy greens. Normally I don't like those so much, but I needed citrus and leafy greens constantly during that pregnancy.

Maya is so darling to be so concerned about you. What a sweetheart. She'll be such a great big sister.


So it took me until today to realize we're not doing this in real time. That seems like a good sign.


For me, it was dairy. I drank milk like cows were going extinct. Tons of it. I was also pretty heavily into ice cream. Didn't really have any aversions and never got sick, except for the occassional gag while brushing teeth. Hint: if brushing makes you want to hurl, try a different toothpaste flavor. Orange did the trick for me. Sounds nasty, but I swear I never gagged again.




Third, sorry for all the caps, just really thrilled you're back and your little family is doing so well.

I had severe hyperemesis (barfing) during both my pregnancies and was hospitalized from it. I was on Zofran for both, but it really only helped my first time. I know all about that exhaustion, and I have to credit The Wiggles for helping raise my toddler son when I was passed out on the couch during my second pregnancy. It was awful knowing how terrible my parenting was during that time. All I can say is, well...you have to do what you have to do to get through it, and everything will be just as it should be in the end.

Odd cravings: Whoppers (from Burger King), bubble gum and mashed potatoes. I also LOVED to chew ice, which I never ever ever do.

PS. I also barfed in the shower a lot...totally wierd experience.


Everything made me sick for the first 16 weeks or so, except milk. I drank around a gallon of the stuff per day, which wouldn't be so unusual except that I'm lactose intolerant and hadn't ever been able to drink any real milk at all without getting ill. After giving birth, I mindlessly poured myself a glass of milk. Didn't go well at all. Still lactose intolerant. Makes no sense.


Cravings were water, milk and green leafy vegatables in the first trimester. The 2nd trimester was quite cheesy. Literally! I wanted CHEESE! My 3rd trimester hit at Halloween and those around me swore I was going to turn into a Reese's Cup. Back to the first trimester, my aversions were kind of weird. I didn't want anything to do with liquids except milk and water. I couldn't stand the taste of anything else. That was the biggest thing. I'm sure there were others, but that would mean my brain was still in tact and able to function.

I gotta tell ya, this has been fun! I love the build up!!!


Jeez your a tease!! I feel like I'm reading a book that I can't peek at the last page (not that I would, really). I know with my twin boys I couldn't even LOOK at meat in the first trimester. Especially red meat. OMG. Dh ordered a steak once and I put that little advertisement thingy they keep on the table in front of his plate and hunkered low in my seat so I didn't have to see the disgusting thing that he was eating. Normally I would have loved it!

Later on in that pg I craved cheeseburgers which I never ate before the pg so go figure.

I'm so excited for you!!


I am with the others. A new reader of yours, I am constantly coming back to see if there is a new update.

As for cravings, the only one I had was for cold toast with only butter on it. Gross now I think about it, but I ate 8 slices in one sitting. I was never sick, but things often smelt weird or made me feel very sick - coffee was a big one. We also got chinese for dinner before I knew I was pregnant and I was sure it smelt like flatulence


My last pregnancy I developed an aversion to lamb. Actually, i couldn't look at raw fish, chicken, or meat for a while. But then I got over that but was still averse to the taste of lamb. I thought I kicked that already. Found out today not really. Only cooked in some ways. The way it was in our chinese take out today? Not one of them. And it's been almost ten months now. I think it's staying. Sad.


I am dying here! I hate that you are dragging this out but I would do the same.....I am enjoying it though ;)

I just dry heaved a lot and had to HAVE a snickers bar everytime I filled my car with gas, because you know, I was already at the gas station and the snickers were already in there begging to be purchased, that and McDonald's shakes.....strawberry. Neither of these things I can stand now of course. My greatest aversions were peanut butter and popcorn.....the smell, oh the awful smells.


In the first 4 months, the ONLY thing I could eat was oatmeal (had to be maple flavor) and toast with peanut butter. Everything else was puked up immideatly, even the toast and oatmeal weren't a guaruntee, but they were my safest options, and I had to eat something right??? I had the pleasure of puking every 20mins all day long until I fianlly gave in and took the pills, which then allowed me to go about an hour or two without puking. After 4 months the puking slowed down, a little, but I puked for the full 9 months, even in labour!


Argh - the suspense is killing me!

First pregnancy (girl), only mild queasiness - never threw up. Second pregnancy (boy), had a nasty cold from week 6 to week 10 and vomited copiously as I lay about feeling sorry for myself. It didn't abate until about week 17. The only thing that helped was lemon flavoured soda.

Can't wait for the next installment...


I just laughed so incredibly hard. And then I laughed again while reading this to my husband, who also laughed. Priceless, just priceless.


I'm enjoying the "cliff-hanger," actually, especially with the frequent updates.

Mostly, I just had to eat constantly during the first trimester which, as problems go, is a fun one to have. I did have some aversions to meat, though, especially red meat which I'm ordinarily a fan of.

MP is a total sweetie and a polite one at that. Bless her.

I continue to think based on your original post about when those double lines turned up relative to when you adopted MP that you must be around the end of the first/start of the second trimester. But maybe I'm doing the math wrong and you're further along than that? I have to admit I am also assuming that all is basically going well (m/s aside, not to dismiss that) because if it weren't I assume you wouldn't be posting this way (cliff-hanger). Looking forward to the next update!


When my son was a little over a year old he started hanging over things and making hacking noises. It took me a little while to figure out that he was imitating me.

I threw up every day, multiple times, for about 23 weeks. Cravings? I wish. I craved holding something down. Oh, and the toothbrush thing? That was just how I got myself going in the morning.

I thought I'd never want to eat the foods I threw up, ever again. I'm already back at the table. I can't wait to hear more!


Strawberry slush flurries from Sonic drive in were my savior on those days when nothing tasted good. Always cool and soothing.

And Dole pineapple chunks right out of the can. Had to be cold, though, I kept the cans in the fridge and ate probably one a day during my pregnancy.

I couldn't brush teeth on an empty stomach without getting sick, either. I finally figured out after the first few weeks that if I nibbled on two saltines as soon as the alarm went off, the nauseau was gone once I actually got out of bed. I would then eat a small breakfast and brush my teeth last thing before I left the house. Seemed to cure the toothbrush barfs for me.


Strawberry slush flurries from Sonic drive in were my savior on those days when nothing tasted good. Always cool and soothing.

And Dole pineapple chunks right out of the can. Had to be cold, though, I kept the cans in the fridge and ate probably one a day during my pregnancy.

I couldn't brush teeth on an empty stomach without getting sick, either. I finally figured out after the first few weeks that if I nibbled on two saltines as soon as the alarm went off, the nauseau was gone once I actually got out of bed. I would then eat a small breakfast and brush my teeth last thing before I left the house. Seemed to cure the toothbrush barfs for me.

Bump Fairy

I literally ate 2 pounds of red grapes every day of my pregnancy. Every. Day.

Gained 45 pounds. Sugar spike like you wouldn't believe. But my anemia was fine, so who cares, right?

Dang it, lady.




Elmo's all, "Mister Noodle! Mister NOODLE" in his five-year-old-smoker's voice, and I'm all "Ummmm...." when said Mr. N comes THROUGH THE WINDOW and his pants are a bit tight in the crotch and...

Yeah. I'm creeped out, too.


So excited that you're back!

I'm going to be checking my bloglines anxiously for the next forseeable time period. Don't drag this on too long please...

Can't tell you about food cravings whilst preggers, but during a bout of naseau unrelated to pregnancy, I found myself eating pickles and ice cream...and it was perfection.


Let's see. With baby #1, suddenly the healthy baked chicken breast I'd taken to work for my lunch was completely repugnant. I threw it in the trash, and then called my husband and demanded that he either eat or throw away the remaining 2 or 3 chicken breasts in the fridge, because if I saw them in there when I got home There Would Be Trouble. I was finally able to eat some dark meat chicken in the third trimester ( a drumstick) but never could eat white meat. I also developed a mild aversion to chocolate--I remember eating some Swiss trail mix and found myself absent-mindedly picking out the m&m's and tossing them out, much to my surprise. With Baby #2 I found that I didn't like cereal anymore and had to have a cooked breakfast--lots of homemade Egg McMuffins. I craved cheese both times. I remember going out to Denny's with my husband and consulting with the waiter over which entree had the most cheese. And then nearly wept with gratitude when the waiter brought my cheese omelet with hash browns on the side--and he'd had the cook add additional cheese atop the hash browns! There was also a time when a co-worker offered me a couple of her Ranch-Flavored Corn Nuts--and immediately after work I had to go buy a large bag of them and eat them all. Blech.

My sympathies with the puking. I used to dread pushing the garbage to the curb on pickup day. I caught a whiff of the garbage and ended up puking on the lawn. My 4-year-old gleefully told her little friends, "Mom threw up on the grass!" I hope things have smoothed out for you.



I never got sick. For that I am very VERY glad, although I would have rather hurled my guts up on-the-hour-every-hour and actually had a live baby...



Whitening toothpaste made me super sick. And when you get sick, and then want to clean your mouth, it's a vicious cycle. I really did crave pickles. I ate several for breakfast every day. And melon, every day. My poor husband would go to the grocery store and buy like 5 dinner options, and mention them all until I didn't say "disgusting," and then we'd have that.


So glad you're back. MP sounds adorable. And the suspense. is. killing. me.

During my pregnancy I developed a pavlovian reaction to the toilet. Got to the point where if I just thought of a toilet (as in, oy, I have to pee) I threw up. Baby girl is almost a year now and it's almost disappeared but when I'm feeling ill, flu, headache, stomach virus, etc, it comes back. I just have to approach the loo and up it all comes. Lovely, I know.


Taquitos. hurpHURP, I still can't bear the thought of eating one. Someone was heating them up in the oven. at church when I was in my first trimester, and I about passed out until they closed the door leading to the kitchen. Now, coleslaw, I couldn't get enough of, and it's not even something I ate on a regular basis before getting pregnant! I have IBS and I normally can't eat anything with cabbage in it unless I want to spend some serious quality time in the bathroom, but for some reason that went away.

As far as actually throwing up,that only happened twice: once while trying to pee (and I remember turning around to barf instead and thinking I would find it amusing later), and once directly after sex. I told my DH it was kind of like that South Pacific culture that belched after a good meal to show appreciation ;)

To Amber, who commented above: no WAY is there a newborn in that house yet! Karen actually sounds like she's getting sleep! You are, right?? You have to take extra-good care of yourself because we need you to stick around! (and become that urban legend.)


Oh. My. GAWD!!! This is torture...but in a good way:)

During pregnancy #3, I ate nothing but velveeta cheese and bread and butter pickle sandwiches on wheat bread with French's yellow mustard. No other cheese or mustard would do. BLECH! (And that is the pegnancy during which I only gained 4 pounds! Go figure...)

I also had the horrible gag thing when I brushed my teeth. That was what kind of tipped me off that I might be knocked up every time that I got myself knocked up.


That's how I describe being pregnant - a continusous hangover. My cravings (not so much a craving but the only thing I can imagine eating) are always the same, fizzy lemonade & blue Doritos. Very healthy.


I never got sick (sorry...) and never had any food aversions. Looking back, I could have used some since I gained 40 lbs with each of my two kids.

What woke me up nights and had my mouth watering during each and every day from 3 months on was buffalo wings. Well, just the sauce really. I bought jars and jars of Texas Pete's Buffalo Wing sauce and put it on everything, even drinking it straight from the bottle.

Secret embarassing confession..toward the very end of my pregnancies I also craved.....dryer lint. Yes, dryer lint. I never ate any, but I was tempted. Weird!!


So glad to have you back! Two things that really helped me at different times was to switch away from my "normal" toothpaste and to a cinnamon flavored (but not with MINT) toothpaste - Crest makes the one I still use. The Colgate one has mint in it and any minty toothpaste would have me dry-heaving. The cinnamon did not.

And secondly, as for the rest of the day? I'd have to say anything sour helped. I had those damn sours in a tin with me all day, as well as "jolly ranchers," and I'd have my water with lemon and lime sliced floating in it in the refrigerator (had to be COLD for me to handle it).

If I sucked on a sour candy, then I could manage to eat one of my more standard meals - PBJ & Choc Milk, or a container of papaya or pineapple. I lived on those foods.

We went so far as to put a list on the refrigerator so that when I was miserable, my husband could pull "sanctioned" items and bring them to me. Or I could look at it when I was miserable and couldn't handle trying to come up with something on my own.


Sooo glad to hear from other people who wanted milk -- I thought I was a freak, because everyone I know IRL found it repulsive in the first trimester. My usual lunch was a vanilla steamer and Ritz crackers.

Did anyone else have "Is this the best bite for the baby?" (bite me, What to Expect) pop into he rhead as she was having a nutritious meal of Stuff the Fetus Might Not Object To?


I drank a ton of diet A&W root beer when I was pregnant (and it was the only thing I could keep down some days). I was worried that my boy would be born with scurvy.


I drank water with lemon like it was going outta style. I couldn't undersand why this discovery of adding bottled lemon juice to water hadn't happened to me before I was pregnant. It was so good. It was the only way I would drink my water and I only drank water. After I had my son I realized it was just a pregnancy thing and the taste no longer appeals to me. However, my son loves lemons. He will sit and suck on lemon and not pucker his lips once from the bitterness.

Also, my husband used to yell "bombs away" as I ran for the toilet to puke. Nice.


I wanted nothing to do with coffee, soda, or really any drink that wasn't water during my first trimester. That was fine, but the really awful aversions I had were to sushi and Mexican food. The sushi aversion just made me sad, but the Mexican food one was hell because I live right on the U.S./Mexico border, and we have really awesome Mexican food here. To make matters worse, I'm a teacher and my classroom at the time was just steps away from the cafeteria. Where they serve Mexican food (PUNGENT Mexican food) every day for lunch.

In retrospect, I'm amazed it took my students all of 18 weeks to figure out that my "cold" was really a pregnancy.

Things I craved were pretzels and cinnamon gummi bears. How's that for a healthy first trimester diet?

So, so, so glad you're back in the blogosphere, Karen!


I couldn't eat anything except Eggo Waffles and Citrus Altoids. Serious, Altoids were the bomb. My husband had to buy them by the carton over the internet. I'd crunch them up; I'd put them in bottled water to make it citrusy; I ate them by the tin.


First, let me tell you how glad I am to have you back in the blogosphere! Congrats on your pregnancy as well.

Second -- morning sickness -- oh my God! Did I have morning sickness. I got pregnant from IVF, and have had terrible motion sickness my entire life. I fully expected to puke my guts out, and I did. I was not sick enough to be non-functional or need medicine, but just sick enough to affect my ENTIRE life! I felt nauseated all of the time, and I threw up everyday. Once I got started throwing up, I could not stop and I would be in the bathroom (usually at work) for more than an hour. I would gag and heave and sweat and cry. It was awful. The only thing that I could eat reliably without getting sick was fast food -- namely, McDonalds, which I NEVER eat. I ate more happy meals than I have in my entire life. I also had a severe aversion to chicken and broccoli. I could not say the words without gagging. The only thing that really helped my morning sickness was lots of cold air in my face and hard candy. Especially these miniature jaw breakers that come in the cheap candy mixes -- they would help stave off the puking for a while. The crazy thing was that I could feel the illness coming some of the time and time my trip to the bathroom. I could finish up my email or thing I was working on at work, put my hair in a pony tail, walk quickly to the bathroom, take off my shirt (so I would not sweat and throw up on it), and then let the vomit-fest commence!

Luckily, the morning sickness ended completely around week 17 or so. Thank God. Of course, at 21 weeks, the bedrest began, but that's another story :)



I mostly survived on boxed mashed potatoes and jarred mushrooms for the first trimester once the nausea hit; the first weeks, before I knew I was pregnant, I was consuming clementines by the box. For the second trimester I was obsessed with cheese enchiladas. I think during the third I was really into cereal, but mostly because that was the easiest to fix when I woke up hungry in the night, which was ALL THE TIME. I was extremely averse to meat and meat smells and made my husband cook his dinners in the garage over a hot plate. Also, I can no longer eat anything that was particularly gross coming back up, such as Italian wedding soup.


I only puked twice during my pregnancy, but had wicked food aversions from day one. Tomato anything was a huge no-no. Sauce, ketchup, actual tomatoes. Blech. Such a shame, since I make a damn fine spaghetti sauce. Couldn't make it, couldn't eat it, couldn't think about it. Poor hubby made me make about 10 gallons once I had our son (who was early and NICU material, so I had lots of time to make sauce). It also seemed like every time we went out with friends, someone just *had* to get something tomato-y. I moved as far away as possible (once to another table) just to not puke in my food. Cravings? Cheese. Any kind, from American to Velveeta (is that even cheese??) to the real stuff - Swiss, Camembert, Brie. Hubby was worried that the boy would come out as a mouse or have one of those Green Bay Packers cheeseheads on. I also woke up in the middle of the night absolutely starving. Had a whole supply of snacks bedside so I wouldn't have to venture into the kitchen for food.

I'm so happy you are back. I'm both loving and loathing the recap - I so want to skip ahead, but am enjoying the trip with you. And now that my son is 3.75, I don't have much time for reading.

Heather O

I also didnt realize this wasnt in real time! I am on the edge of my seat with excitement. As for my pregnancy...I threw up every time I brushed my teeth from a few weeks after a positive Beta to the day he was born. It never occurred to me to try a different toothpaste as other readers mentioned. Why didnt the internet suggest this before?! I wasn't much for cravings, but there were a time when everything that I felt like eating was also yellow (eggs, cheese, orange juice, ritz...) My husband kept singing that annoying song "and they were all yellllloooooowwwww"


I craved Auntie-Anne's soft pretzels from the mall. I ate them for dinner on several occasions. No aversions really. I had NO appetite after 4pm though for the first 8 weeks or so.

Happy puking to you!!


This had me lol this morning. And I just gagged on my toothpaste. My biggest bummer is that I can't eat peanut butter. I usually eat it every single day but dh is allergic and i've been advised that unless I want a super allergic kid, I should avoid it while pg and bfing. Great. It is driving me insane.

As for pukage, so far (at 7.5 wks), the only actual pukage was pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. I don't know how I'll ever eat it again.

MP sounds like a lovely sweet girl. I'm so happy for you. As for timing, we have to be catching up soon. You came home with MP in September and you said you found out you were pregnant 4 weeks after the anniversary. So that would be October. We can't have more than a few more weeks to cover to get to present day. Yay!


With my first it was hamburgers, milk, and lemons. (not together...)

With my second it was Jif extra crunchy peanut butter, orange juice, and Hellman's (Best Foods) Mayo. (again, not together...) There were tons of time you'd find me with a glass of OJ and a spoon of PB.

Or just a spoon of mayo. :-)


I was one of the very lucky ones who didn't have morning sickness. Just a mild off feeling that went away if I ate something.

As far as aversions and craving, I didn't want chocolate at all in my first pg (which made it to 17w2d). That's unusal for a chocoholic such as myself.

During ym 2nd pg, I looooooooooooved tomato and mayo sandwiches. Couldn't get enough. I craved BLTs, and just very specific things, like "OMG, if I don't eat carrots with mustard RIGHT NOW I am going to lose my shit." And the hunger was intense, sometimes sudden. My husb was making dinner and I had to bust out the cottage cheese. He had the nerve to ask me, "Can't you wait? This will be done in 10 minutes!" "NO! I cannot wait! There IS no waiting! I need to take the edge off! Then I'll eat dinner." It was funny.

I am so glad that you are getting to experience this. I am grateful every day that I got to experience it. Of course the arrivial of my son and life with him pretty much trumps everythng else. Have a wonderful day and feel better!

Laura C.

Oh my GOD I am so glad you're back! I mourned for weeks when you disappeared. Take your time with the story... I'm enjoying every second of it.


I can hardly wait for the next installment!

I had no real aversions, but the one thing I ate for the first trimester was canned ravioli and breakfast at McDonalds (had to have the hashbrowns and the bacon/egg/cheese biscuit.) I only gained 12 pounds during my pregnancy somehow. LOL. Did have a very healthy baby too :D


It's amazing, even when you're writing about horking, the happiness shines through. You're so much happier than you were pre-MP. It's like this blog is being written by a completely different person than the author of The Naked Ovary. MP has transformed you.

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