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November 22, 2007


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Love you millions my gorgeous friend


OMG. Happy Thanksgiving indeed -- you've been missed, and I am so thrilled I happened to stop by Tertia's -- wow. I'm delighted for you.


sooo pleased to hear from you! Happy return to blogworld and don't keep us waiting too long for episode 2 (although I have a sneaking suspicion what happens next...)


Wow!!! Congrats so far, and WELCOME THE HECK BACK!!!


Karen! OMG! I poured myself another glass of wine when i saw t's post and died when i read it. holding my thumbs and my bits.

so goddamned lovely to hear from you xxx


wow ... cool & wow :)

Photographer Lori

So GLAD to see you back! I always wondered how you were doing!

And also...WOW! Keeping fingers crossed for you.


knit_tgz (T.)

Oh. My. God. Hugs! Hope you get GOOD news on your consultation...


WOW! That's wonderful!!! Congratulations! I read you for, like, forever and was so happy for you when MP came home but also very sad to see you go. I wish you the very best and I'm so glad you're BACK!


Welcome back & Congrats. You have been missed.


Oh, wow, is right! Good luck at the OB's...I'm so happy for you guys! Welcome back, too...are you staying?? Please stay. Please?


Fantastic news! Isn't it amazing to be on the winning end of slim statistics for once?!

I'm glad you've jumped back into the pool to share with us. :)


Oh Karen -

What a wonderful thing to read on Thanksgiving. I'm so happy for you, and will pray that this turns into more wonderful things.

It's wonderful to hear from you - and with such an amazing piece of news!


Welcome back from a long-time lurker on your old blog. I'm a 5-years-of-IF-treatments-turned-domestic-adoption Mama. We adopted our daughter just a few months before your daughter came home. We've missed you!!! And pretty please, stick around for a while!


Oh I LOVED your blog and had serious withdrawal symptoms after you went underground / which I totally understood!

I'm more than happy about your news. Oh dear Universe, send Karen even more luck, she deserves it all, and let her blog like she did before.

And can we pls have a little picture of the quilt? I'd love to see how it turned out (I sent the strawberry patch...).

Love to MP!!!!


Long time reader of your blog...SO glad to have your voice back! I too adopted ( domestically) and literally six weeks later was pregnant ( after 7 years of infertility hell). After my second daughter was born I used to say I gave birth to my first daughter emotionally and my second daughter physically!

Congratulations...enjoy the ride!


Congratulations, girly! I think MP would make a great big sister!


I wasnt around when you were originally blogging, but you have me hooked already with one post and I've bookmarked you alongside Tertia. Hoping this story has a great happy ending........

Whichever (Sara)

Karen! I´m so glad to be reading this that I could cry... no.. well.. yes... I´m actually kind of crying... I missed you and I´m so happy for you and I can´t wait to hear that you have a perfect life and that MP is the happiest child and everything that you´d like to share... and I´m feeling like a complete nuts because I don´t even "know" you... but anyway, Happy Thanksgiving! you´ve made my day! :)


See? All you had to do was adopt and then just relax and forget about TTC because all that stress . . . Oh, I can't even pretend to kid you. I'm thrilled. Congratulations!!! And WELCOME BACK TO BLOGLAND. Girl, we missed you.


So lovely to hear from you again! I hope you'll be sticking around. I'd love to hear all about Miss MP and what she's been up to.
And this little bit of news - well! WTF?? Needless to say, my fingers are crossed!


You're BACK!??!?!?!

Oh my GOSH, I MISSED You SO MUCH. What a wonderful thanksgiving day surprise!!!!!!!!!


(as if you could not tell, what for all the CAPITALS and !!!!!)



welcome back :) we missed you


Very, very happy to see you back. Am so glad that you and your family are well, and that you've had such a blessed surprise. I hope you will stay around!


Congrats, Karen!!!!
I have missed your blog...a lot! I can't wait to hear more about your upcoming journey.


Welcome back - so very happy to see your words again and well holy moley on the second beginning... Happy Thanksgiving and this is a wonderful gift - tears of joy are being shed for all of you...


Oh, how I've missed you!!! Great to see you blogging again. Sending you loads of well wishes on your double lines.


Wow. Nice to see you back. That's kinda like my adoption turned pregnancy story. Except mine included my husband saying "Oh, no, you're telling people, I don't want to hear I told you so".

Congratulations =) Can't wait to hear more.


Welcome back.....such great news although I can understand your trepidation. Cannot wait for an update.


How wonderful that you are all so well and happy. The draining of bitterness has amazing powers, who'd eat eggplant other wise? :-)


I've missed your writing and wondered from time to time how you guys were doing (in a completely non-stalker way, I promise). This news is wonderful and my fingers are crossed that the good news continues. Glad you're back!


Oh my god.


Thrilled for you but gobsmacked.


Oh Karen, yay! Yay for you, D., and MP. I'm glad you're back.


Way to come back with a bang! That's a pretty big 'wow' right there. Congrats, I hope everything goes well.


I am so happy to read your words again, and thrilled beyong belief at your news! I hope that MP is well and happy and I can't wait to read what happens next.


Oh My God.

I can't believe it.

But I am so pleased you're back. Really, really pleased.



I read your old blog and although I fully understood and understand your reasons to leave the blogosphere I'm very happy to have you back. I wish you and your family all the best, congratulations on your new life, and your newest life!


I can only say WOOHOO!!!!



I can only say WOOHOO!!!!




Oh, and of course, WHOOOOPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have everything crossed for you. Everything. Except my eyes. I can't type with crossed eyes. But, everything else. Promise.



I used to lurk on your old blog and am so hapy to see you back again.


Joining the chorus of voices. I too was a very longtime reader and so sad to see you go, but so happy that you had MP. I am positively ecstatic for the three of you and wish you nothing but the best.

Thank you for jumping back in once again to share your story.


Wellllllity, wellity, well.





I am on the tippiest edge of my browser window waiting for the next installment.




I just put my daughter to bed after experiencing the most wonderful Thanksgiving I have ever had and now I read this!!!!!! I've thought of you often this past year. Welcome back!


SO incredibly glad to see you back. SO incredibly glad to here that MP is living a wonderful, happy, love-filled life full of jumping and somersaulting. So shocked and excited for you about the recent news!


Yay!!! I loved your blog, so glad you're back, and can't wait for more MP updates AND am sooo excited about your NEWS!!!!


It's just wonderful to see you. I've been waiting for this ever since Tertia teased us so mercilessly mentioning your name.

SOOO happy to hear about MP somersaulting around making life so perfect. And a new blessing to boot, wow. Just wonderful.


Wow! Welcome back! Looking forward to MP and mini-MP updates!! Congratulations and all!


Karen, another longtime fan of yours here, who is so happy to hear your update and thrilled you'll be writing again. So glad to hear you are all happy and MP is thriving and that you are PREGNANT!!! What a ride! Sarah

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